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We are among the most trusted and respected names when seeking fire & flood restoration in Hampshire or water leak detection in Hampshire and surrounding areas. We find the source of water leaks and can arrange the necessary water leak repair. Give us a quick call on 0333 444 3214 so we can discuss your situation. You can rely on us to fix your issue before you know it!

Insurance Company Approved Fire and Flood & 
Leak Detection Specialists in Hampshire

If you're looking for an insurance company-approved professional fire & flood or leak detection service, rest assured you’ll be getting one of the best in Hampshire covering the following areas:

What Our Hampshire Leak Detection & FLOOD
Damage Repair Company Can Do For Your Property

Since 2014, we have been serving client's homes and businesses who want the best value for their money and want the water leakage in their property drying, people cleaning up the mess swiftly and with as minimal disruption as possible. Landlords, homeowners, builders, insurance companies, and refit companies come to us for tasks such as leak detection and water restoration. Born out of a passion to provide the best flood restoration service in Hampshire and Surrey, we are the specialist you should call to handle any flood or fire restoration in Hampshire.

Top Leak Detection 
& Fire and Flood Restoration Services in Hampshire

The Flood Restoration Company 
You Can Trust With Any Water Leak Repair

Flood and fire can cause significant damage to your property. Water pipes or even a soil pipe may be damaged and need repair. Recovery work must be done immediately as the longer you put it off, the more damages could occur. We work fast to help alleviate water damage in your property and bring it back to a liveable condition. Along with repairs to plumbing leaks and fixing the water meter, cleaning and ridding the building interior of stagnant water means we lessen the chances of bacteria, among others, to thrive.
You may get overwhelmed when the leaks start and stress over the possibility that the pipes just burst and would eventually flood your basement. You will then worry about damage control, as you search around your property. As much of plumbing is hidden, it will be hard for a non-expert to track down the source of the problem. Every property, be it a home or business, will face water leakage problems sooner or later. They may be unavoidable, but there are steps you can take to lessen the damage it can cause both to your property and to your wallet, and you can start by hiring us to take care of cleaning away the problems.


Our staff are on standby 24/7 and ready to take your call for help, we can deploy a leak detection specialist team to your property straight away to find the leak and as soon as possible, fix any leaking pipes. Our 24-hour service covers all of the South East and includes handling water damage and fire damage with the objective of restoring the property.

Emergency Response For Fire & Flood Restoration HAMPSHIRE-WIDE

We understand the urgency in stopping water damage on your property. We’re also the right experts to call when it comes to Fire & Flood Restoration in Hampshire and surrounds. Putting off any leak detection and water leak repair work will only cause more problems both to the home and to your own safety. We especially would not want you exposed to viruses or bacteria that could cause ill health.

GET AN Estimation For Flood Damage IN HAMPSHIRE & 
Other Disaster Cleanup Services in Hampshire

If you have concerns about water leak detection, water damage, and flood restoration, or you require our home and commercial leak detection and repair services, you can call us now for advice and assistance. Our project manager will be evaluating the affected areas and provide you with a leak report, along with an overview of fire damage restoration & other options and free estimation.

Urgent Need For Leak Detection Services IN HAMPSHIRE?

A leak may be a major problem waiting to happen, from somewhere in your property that’s not easily visible, perhaps underground or behind the walls and in your pipes. If ignored, it only gets worse until it becomes destructive, causing costly damages to your home. Your life will also be at risk, especially when the leaks reach your electrical wires and outlets. The more you ignore it, the more expensive flood damage restoration in Hampshire can be.

Detecting a Leakage In 
Your Hampshire Home

A leaking tap or pipe is one of those things you shouldn’t normally see and hear. With leaks, you can expect molds, bad smells, and flooding of certain areas in your home. You may have tried checking out your entire home, looking for a sign of a leak, to see if it’s just a small leak you can ignore or fix yourself, but you found no leaking pipe. You may have finally spotted that you may be dealing with a hidden leak, using the meter reading trick you learned online.
So what do you do next? Get an efficient leak detection specialist to fix the broken pipes. Call our leak detection company, and with the experience and equipment we have, we’ll handle the rest.



It’s important to act right away, even if you’re just suspecting a small leak. Whether or not you have located the source of the flooding, you have to turn off the supply, shut off the heating system as well as the electricity, and call us!


For leak detection, especially hidden leaks, an unusual increase in your bill will tell you there’s a leaking pipe. You can also turn off all the faucets and monitor the meter for any movement in the numbers after an hour. The leak detection specialist can find the source of leakage.


To fix a leaking pipe, you may need leak detection services that trace and access the pipes to check for plumbing leaks before getting to the actual leak restoration and cleaning services. Ask the people you trust for recommendations or search online for a good underground leak detection company.


Broken seals, clogged drains or pipes, damaged pipe joints, excess pressure, tree roots intruding on mains, loose connectors, and unexpected extreme temperature changes are just among the many things that can cause a leak. The leak detection UK specialist will be able to provide more information.
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